Thanks for sharing this Joseph. (The WITI newsletter sent me here). I found

Anil Seth’s ‘Being You’ good on the neurological basis of consciousness btw, re the Jeremy Narby quote.

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Welcome. Happy to have you. Love 'Being You'!

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It’s good isn’t it? He’s clearly thought a lot, not just about his subjects, but how to write about them. I felt my brain had been upgraded after reading it!

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Hi Joseph. I really loved this insight as I've been exploring psychedelics as an alternative way to deal with past traumas and anxiety. Have always been a proponent of recreational use of shrooms but would love to explore it through a journey like this one day.

Would you be comfortable sharing the Shamans details with me or put me in touch?

Really love your newsletter and also found you through WITI too. Got very excited when I realised your based in Cape Town. Maybe we will cross paths one day :)


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